23 October 2023

The ACLP at the Euroseeds 2023 Congress: launch event, membership discussions and first interview

The ACLP at the Euroseeds 2023 Congress: launch event, membership discussions and first interview

The ACLP has been officially inaugurated and sparked a lot of interest from potential new members!

ACLP membership discussions

Hélène Guillot, the ACLP Managing Director, has had busy time at the ACLP Trade Table meeting representatives from companies interested to join the ACLP: people from 15 companies (seed companies – members of the ACLP, non-members, national seed associations and other organizations related to the seed sector) from France, Germany, Netherlands, Turkey, Spain and Poland came by to learn more about the platform and get the first-hand information about how to join.

Trade Table area
ACLP Trade Table

ACLP Launch Event

On 17 October 2023, the ACLP was officially launched!

The event took place at the venue of the Euroseeds Congress 2023 in Malta and attracted more than 60 people from different seed and plant breeding companies, as well as national seed associations, who showed a lot of interest in this platform!

Participants of the ACLP Launch Event

The event was divided in two parts, brilliantly moderated by co-hosts Claudia Hallebach (ACLP Chair) and Gerard Backx (ACLP Vice-Char). 

Claudia Hallebach, KWS (ACLP Chair)
Gerard Backx, HZPC (ACLP Vice-Chair)

The first part of the launch event was a great opportunity to get to know the ACLP and its objectives, as well as to meet the Managing Director and learn practical details about how it works.

Régis Fournier, LIMAGRAIN

Régis FOURNIER, CEO LIMAGRAIN, shared insights on the process of creating this platform and voiced the main points which the ACLP should focus on in the months to come.

Hélène Guillot, the ACLP Managing Director

Hélène Guillot, the ACLP Managing Director, explained the set-up of the platform and advantages of becoming a member.

To provide a personal take to the event, an ambassador session was part of the event, where Robin Wood, Director Elsoms Seeds, shared his experiences from ACLP negotiations and perspective for the future of the ACLP.

The event also featured a panel discussion with the representatives of some of the ACLP founding members – BNA, Syngenta and KWS, where they talked about the main benefits of the platform and why they decided to become members. Euroseeds showed its support as well, with Szonja Csörgő moderating the panel, and the Euroseeds Secretary General Garlich von Essen taking part in the discussion.

From left to right: Szonja Csörgő (Euroseeds), Justus Böhm (BNA), Garlich von Essen (Euroseeds), Sergiu Staicu (Syngenta) and Nigel Moore (KWS Group)

Even though there are no patented traits in the market for potato, BNA decided to join the ACLP, and no competition was the key driver for that.

We have always been in the forefront of the developments, and we want to be in the frontline of the NGTs.

Justus Böhm, BNA

Euroseeds has supported the development of the ACLP and played a significant role in facilitating the agreement and driving the discussions. Industry-led solutions is the way to go!

There is a need to explain what the ACLP is about, as now is the momentum – there is a lot of interest.

Garlich von Essen, Euroseeds

There is a need to have access to innovation, and the ACLP can enable it!

If the ILP works, then the ACLP can as well. These kind of platforms are the answer!

Sergiu Staicu, Syngenta

KWS joined with the objective of promoting the advancement of innovation in a collaborative IP space, which is a vital part of the breeding sector.

Access to patented traits is a good start!

 Nigel Moore, KWS

During the second part, the participants got a chance to delve deeper into the ACLP through informal discussions on specific topics, such as:

  • How does the ACLP implement the limited breeder’s exemption? What is a non-assert for?
  • Membership rights and obligations / benefits of becoming a member
  • Licensing under the ACLP – SLA & baseball arbitration
  • Governance of the ACLP – how does the entity work?
The ACLP Launch Event

Seed World Europe: Giant Views interview

Hélène Guillot, the ACLP Managing Director, sat down with Seed World Europe Editorial Director Marcel Bruins to discuss the main goals of the ACLP to improve transparency and access to patents. She also explained how to become a member.

If you would like to get more information about the platform and requirements on how to become a member, please contact the ACLP Managing Director

Hélène Guillot

ACLP Managing Director