Why join the ACLP

The ACLP intends to be a collaborative source for plant breeding innovation, and as such it aims at enabling access to innovative traits for seed companies of all sizes, ensuring that European breeders will be able to continue using commercial varieties for breeding, by using certain tools to track presence of patented traits. 

In particular, the ACLP initiative aims to ensure that its members will:

provide breeding rights (including the right to use markers for identification of traits) for patented traits contained in commercial varieties available on the open market providing a contractual, clearly defined and uniform limited breeders exemption across the ACLP territory which doesn’t exist to date

commit to grant commercial licenses to their patented traits to other members on fair conditions enabling them to commercialize new varieties

commit to enter data in the Euroseeds PINTO database* to ensure transparency about commercial varieties available on the open market containing patented traits in Europe

Members of the ACLP will thus benefit from:

guaranteed and accelerated access to and freedom to operate for breeding with all varieties commercially available on the open market including those containing patented traits and maintaining such traits in progenies

minimized transaction costs to obtain a commercial license;

guaranteed freedom to operate for commercialization of traits contained in newly bred varieties