30 April 2024

ACLP welcomes new member MAY Tohum

ACLP welcomes new member MAY Tohum

The ACLP is very pleased to welcome a new member! MAY Tohum (MAY Seed) has joined the ACLP as of April 2024. Established in 1978, MAY Seed is Turkey’s first private seed production company active in research, development, production and quality assurance of vegetable, field and industrial seeds that are sold to domestic and international markets. Their portfolio features sunflower, corn, cotton, sweet corn, beans, processing tomato and spinach.

May Seed Co-President Yusuf Yormazoğlu sees the joining of the ACLP as a mean to strengthen and support the company’s R&D investments and projects: “We see the ACLP as an important basic platform for our R&D efforts”.

“We are very pleased to welcome MAY Seed, which benefits from a very impressive R&D department, and I am sure the company will bring a new perspective to the platform” said Claudia Hallebach, President of the ACLP.

The current membership of the ACLP represents more than 90% of the patents portfolio on agricultural crops in Europe. It is however important to remind that holding patents is not a requisite to be part of the ACLP. “Some companies are either using the ACLP as a mean to get a facilitated access to patented traits, through the extended breeders’ exemption or through a commercial license. But some members are not even using patents in their crops yet. This is the case for potato crops for example, where breeding companies joined the ACLP to prepare for the future and to be part of the discussions right at the beginning”, explains Hélène Guillot, Managing Director of the ACLP.

To join the ACLP or get information, please contact ACLP Secretariat: helene.guillot@aclp.eu